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If you are curious about what exactly traditional design consists of, look no further. We are about to unpack everything that traditional decor intends to be, so that you can knowingly decide if this style is right for you or not. When we specifically look at the definition of traditional design, we see that it is inspired by 18th and 19th century European decor. While this is true, the traditional style is so much more. Traditional design includes pieces that are classical, historical, and antique in nature. The rich colors reflected from the dark variety of woods used exhibit a truly elegant aesthetic. We also tend to see dazzling complementary tones to be popular, like emerald green, ruby red, and sapphire blue. The exceptional color palette displays the character in each traditional piece, and tends to highlight the exceptional craftsmanship required for this type of design. The furnishings of the traditional movement are all expertly made, with exceptional carvings, details, and finishings essentially a staple. Traditional style interior design is nothing less than truly regal. If you have an eye for historical, handcrafted, and elegant furnishings, than traditional design might just be the perfect type for you and your classic home.