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Pablo Romo

When Viyet’s customers are searching for beautiful, simple pieces of furniture, Pablo Romo is the name that immediately comes to mind. Pablo Romo designs are sleek and elegant, but they do not sacrifice quality or individuality to accomplish this. His pieces use a few simple materials-- iron and leather, rosewood, lambskin and brass-- to create furniture that is unobtrusive yet still visually exciting. Whether you are searching for a unique folding accent chair with crisp and eye-catching lines or a stunning armoire that relies upon the natural beauty of the grain of the wood used to craft the piece to make it so striking, Viyet’s collection of Pablo Romo pieces is sure to fit all of your mid-century modern interior design needs. Pablo Romo’s home furnishings are an absolute must for anyone attempting to create an inviting but contemporary space in their home or business. Viyet is proud to carry Pablo Romo designs, but our stock of Pablo Romo products is always changing. For the most up-to-date listing of the Pablo Romo pieces Viyet is holding, check out our stock page. If you would like more information about Pablo Romo, Viyet’s stock of Pablo Romo furniture, or how to to incorporate a Pablo Romo piece into your home, contact us directly today.