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Mid-Cetury Modern

As its name suggests, Mid-century Modern furniture reflects the trends and tastes of the middle of the 20th century. Specifically, the Mid-century Modern era of design is frequently defined as the 1930s to 1960s in the United States. Mid-century Modern designs build upon the German Bauhaus style and International style, both of which were introduced to American culture as an increasing number German citizens fled the volatile political environment of their homeland and settled stateside. World War II also impacted the materials that were readily available in America for furniture design, and this too is reflected in Mid-century Modern furniture designs. As a whole, Mid-century Modern furniture shares several key features including an emphasis on function, clean lines, geometric forms, limited ornamentation, and interesting juxtapositions of traditional and nontraditional materials. In Mid-century Modern furniture materials that had previously been used only to imitate traditional materials, for example plastic imitating wood, were used and appreciated for their own unique qualities and characteristics. The increased diversity of materials resulted in bolder uses of color in Mid-century Modern design. It’s not uncommon to find a pink lounge chair, a dresser with royal blue inlays or details, or other similarly bold palettes. To explore Viyet’s entire collection of Mid-century Modern furniture, please visit our stock page.